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Hip Hop Dance show on 11th Dec. 2014

Loading Hip Hop Dance show on 11th Dec. 2014

With an Indian choreographer from Chennai!

In the framework of an international cultural project, fourteen year-12 pupils studying to get a vocational A-levels specialized in services to people and territories performed their Hip Hop dance show which was the final stage of their dance training course. It was under the direction of Phani Kumar Karambari, an Indian choreographer and dancer. The latter specializes in free style hip-hop, as well as traditional Indian dance.

At the end of their three-week course which took place in October and December, the students performed on stage at Montoire village hall « a free style dance show emphasizing the respect of others, difference, disabilities in everyday life and in hospitals. A mix of modern, classical and traditional music was skillfully used. »

The year 12 students got many rounds of applause from their peers, as well as their teachers and the school board, not to forget the residents of the local care home, managers of l'Hospitalet home and the representatives of the Mayor, who all enjoyed a pleasant time thanks to the success of this cultural project.

Mrs Davignon, in charge of international cooperation for région Centre highlighted that « for Région Centre which is a partner of this project through a programme called Aux Arts lycéens, the fact Phani Kumar came from Chennai to Montoire is a first time. » For the students, these weeks they spent working with the choreographer who spoke English only, it was a fantastic opportunity : « This has been very positive and enabled us to get to know each other better while sharing the same effort. It no doubt enabled us to have closer links and a greater team spirit while improving our English and we would like to thank our teachers for that. »

For the teachers too the outcome of this project is very positive.

This international cultural project was financed by Sainte-Cécile high school as well as Conseil régional in the framework of the programme called « Aux arts lycéens. »

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