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London : March 2016

Loading London : March 2016

Premières SAPAT : one-week field trip to England.

Twenty-six year 12 pupils ( Bac pro Sapat ) went to London.


This trip was mostly funded by région Centre-Val de Loire through a Trans' Europe Centre project. The pupils themselves also raised money.


They lived at host families about twenty miles away from Londonvand discovered the British capital city in a variety of ways by going to the Hosues of Parliament in Westminster and Big Ben,

- the changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace, then had a picnic in Hyde park

Trafalgar square ,

- the national gallery

- the British museum.

Therre were also some slightly different visits like the multicultural Camden Town and went for a Jack the Ripper walk in Whitechapel.


Sustainable development was also on the map as they travelled through Norfolk to go to Swaffham (after visiting Cambridge) to visit and go up the 305 steps of the only wind turbine you can visit in the world. 

They got to know more about the Thames barrier protects London from floodings.


Finally they spent the day in Canterbury doing a treasure hunt and visiting the world-famous cathedral.


They all had a great time and really enjoyed their trip !!

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