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LYCEE Older Persons Week: Oct 2016

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Livening up and becoming a professional

Our pupils took part in a special day whose topic was dancing. It took palce at Montoire care home.

Our pupils who are always ever so close to Professional realities, went to Montoire care home every afternoon  during the Older Persons Week between 10th and 14th October. It was another opportunity to face what professional reality is and  take part in or be in charge of an activity with elderly people.

The pupils went to pick up elderly people in thier rooms and took them to the activity room to

  • set the table for lunch and share a Kebab meal, 
  • participate in the preview of the photo exhibition,
  • watch a filmcalled "les uns et les autres" whose topic was dancing,
  • prepare a crêpe party.

Each day ended up sharing a friendly snack time before taking each person back into their room.

Yet another opportunity to develop one's professional skills and one's social skills.

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