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ERASMUS : Kick-off in October 2017 for the 2-year program

Loading ERASMUS : Kick-off in October 2017 for the 2-year program

First meeting in France between the involved European teachers.

In October 2017, the French Erasmus team welcomed Italian and Swedish teachers for a first conciliation meeting, as part of the exchanges of the Erasmus project.

The European Commission granted Sainte Cécile high school the management of a two-year project with today’s year 12 (Bac pro SAPAT) on the theme “Migrations and Nations”.

This project will be shared with Sweden and Italy and will involve 120 young Europeans (20 from France, 80 from Sweden, 20 from Italy), together with 14 teachers (6 in Sweden, 4 in Italy and 4 in France).

In Sainte-Cécile, the English, the biology, the history and geography and the sociocultural education teachers are committed to the project.

The young people will work in workshops and will meet associations and people related to the subject. There will be some exchanges about practices, about language (English will be the work language) and some time to gather the findings. A video will be created at the end of the project. Meetings will occur in each country for the students and the teachers.

This project, part of the goals of the Erasmus + programs, will be entirely financed by the

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