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ERASMUS : Back from Sweden Dec 2017

Loading ERASMUS : Back from Sweden Dec 2017

Une semaine sur le theme de la migration

4 students  bac pro SAPAT with 2 teachers went to SWeden and stayed one week in Fagersta, near Stockholm.

They were hosted by Swedish families and all the students (French, Italian and Swedish) met at school every day to work on a precise theme: “Migrations and Nations”.

This theme was chosen by the 3 countries involved in the project. During 2 years, 3 meetings between the European students are planned, one in each country

After Sweden, Sainte Cécile High School will welcome the students in October 2018, and it will be Italy’s turn in March 2019.

During this stay, they worked of course, but they also had time to discover Swedish traditions, like ice-skating.

This week was full of intercultural exchanges, emotions, and allowed the students to improve and feel more confident about English.

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