English Partners

This section is dedicated to our English spoken friends, please enjoy !

Lilou, searching for an intership in Malta Juin 2020

My name is Lilou Besnard. I am 19 years old and a French student at “Sainte Cécile” vocational school in Montoire, France.

I am studying for a technical degree in Services and Caretaker support. This degree is specialized in handling children as well as older persons. I would like to build up on my education studies by being involved in a practical internship, which will give me additional experience. I want to be even more efficient with my future clients and patients.

I have already some practical experience in handling non self-sufficient persons in different settings. I would be grateful if you could accept my application for a 4-week internship in your facility.

I am a very focused person, and very dedicated to my work. Please let me know if I can answer any additional question you may have and contact me.

Sweden : June 2019

End of the Erasmus program after a two-year cooperation between the school professors and Erasmus.

After two years of great work and a fruitful cooperation between the LEAP Sainte-Cécile, our Italians and Swedish partners, the Eramus + Migrations and Nations program, which was conducted in English came to an end effective September 2019. This project was born 5 years ago in reaction to the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean. We were all affected by the terrible images of refugee boats landing on our coasts. The goal of the program was to help our young Europeans students grab the importance of the issue of migrants. The program was designed to focus on understanding better the issues at stake, propose ways to deal with the migrants, especially how to give access to an European schools to the youngest of them. After two years of workshops and numerous activities, slide shows and videos were produced testifying to the vivacity of the great cooperation between the French, Italians and Swedish students. This Erasmus program was the third Erasmus program undertaken by the Sainte-Cécile High School. We are all hoping that the enthusiasm of both the young students and the staff of professors shown during the last 2 years will help build up the momentum for new Erasmus program opportunities in the very near future.


Brighton,UK, May 2019

Travelling South of England on the footsteps of King Arthur for the European English section in May 2019.

The Bac Pro SAPAT students (senior high school) from Sainte Cécile High School landed next to Brighton in England. They were welcomed upon their arrival by the hosting families. The students were able to enjoy the seaside of Southern England as well as the city of London. They also had the privilege to visit the famous Unesco World Heritage site of Stonehenge. The rich Celtic heritage was ever present. Many visits were organized on the steps of King Arthur and the round table Knights. It was a great mix of work and play. Students and professors are ready for more discoveries and willing to travel again to England.


Bari (Italy) and the Erasmus program April 2019

Our Italian partner was pleased to welcome the European students, in cooperation with our Swedish colleagues at their High School in Bari (Italy).Subscribe to our Youtube MAN: Migrations and Nations. The BAC PRO SAPAT Terminale (senior high school) from the Sainte Cécile High School in Montoire (France) completed in April 2019 the Erasmus program: Migration and Nations, which was conducted in English. From the 31 of Mars to the 6th of April 2019, 5 students and 2 professors, staff members went to Bali (Italy) to finalize their reflective work with their Italian and Swedish counterparts. During this stay, they were able to visit a refugee camp for migrants waiting to hear about their refugee status. The team realized a slide show illustrating the issue of migration, the political implications, the ways to better handle and welcome the migrants in a spirit of tolerance and goodwill.